To meet needs of costumer’s requirement Of a Recycle/Reclaim Machine

Mar 30,2021

Dear Sir or Madam:

It is our pleasure that you are interested in Recycle/Reclaim Machine and to discuss about the extruder core parts, high wear resistant bimetallic barrel and bimetallic screw. 

For meeting needs of your requirement of a recycling machine in the correct way, first step we need more information from you about below items as more in detail as possible. You see, the different the recycle material, the different the machine designing and the quotation.  

1)What kind of Recycle/Reclaim plastic material a customer will going to run? What about the containing water or moisture in the recycle material? Is there any impurity? What about its ponderance? 

2)What the form of these recycle plastic? Broken sheet? Broken film? Or other forms? May we get some photos which you would like to run? 

3)What about the extruder output a customer will want to get? 

4)Any other more requirement a customer has this time? 

As more information as possible we get, this will help us analyzing, then we would give out our suggestion and an exact & best quotation. 

Please find our more service in detail at our Web-https: // 

Should you have any query/concern, please do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards!Thank you. 

Chief Engineer Office / Shanghai Omega Machinery Co., Ltd

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