Three Liner Forms for a Twin Extruder

Jul 26,2016

Based on the structure feature and material feature, our company now can provide two kinds of Liners shows as below:

       Two“C”form Bimetallic Liners combined               Ellipse Oval Liner

Two“C”form Bimetallic Liners combined              Ellipse Oval Liner


Our company has already successfully developed a third in the form of bimetallic oval liner as pictured. These is a special alloy layer inside twin bores, commonly it is tungsten carbide particles reinforced the Nickel-based or Cobalt-based alloy material, for both corrosion and high wear resistance extrusion purpose, specially to be used for the oval liner with large specification, for example when the inner hole is larger than 60mm, it is a best choice of high performance-price ratio.

.Bimetallic Oval Liner

Bimetallic Oval Liner


About how to improve the core parts service life for a parallel twin screw extruder in mixing extrusion, any valuable opinions and suggestions are welcome.
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