Solution for Your Single Extruder: Output & Consumption

Mar 23,2016

Why don't you further optimize your output and energy consumption of your extruder? Our engineers have much more experience about this based on years of practice. You see, to run different plastic material, to get different product, there are more different design solutions of the barrel & screw to get more output and to save much power. For example the below screw picture, can you tell us the following screw design is to used for which kinds of plastic extrusion? And is used in the manufacture of which kind of plastic products? 

Single Extruder,extruder cylinder,barrel and screw

If there is a barrel & screw which is inquired to be redesigned for some purpose, do not hesitated to contact us. We hope to get more information, such as which kind of plastic material to be run and its product, the power of extruder exist main motor, the screw speed, the output demand..., then the best solution would be delivered by us, you just wait.


Chief Engineer Office / Shanghai Omega Machinery Co., Ltd

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